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RFID Door Unlock

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How to "Multithread" an Arduino (Protothreading Tutorial)

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  • Alzheimer's Assistant about 2 months ago

    Well, this depends on the stage of the disease the patient is in, if it is advanced, then the patient wouldn't know what it is beeping for. In that case, anyone wouldn't want to keep such a patient alone with any device. But the beeping would certainly help the caretaker. The main functions, which could help a lot is the fall detection (and location using a GPS chip).
    As for the ESP32, I simply didn't use that because I had the MKR1000 at hand and ordering one would take time. That could be used as well with the proper code. Using the ESP32 would just replace the Arduino MKR1000 and the HC-05 module.

  • Alzheimer's Assistant 6 months ago

    First of all, it's not a band, it's a watch. What needs to be present in the watch is the MKR1000, the bluetooth module, a display, the Sensor Hub Nano, a button switch, a buzzer. and the wireless receiver. All of these are pretty small, and can easily be included in a watch if you remove the pin headers and solder wires directly (those were just for prototyping on a breadboard)
    Other than that, you should read the "How it works" section, you have a wrong idea of its working. A bluetooth module is used to get the Sensor Hub connect directly with the MKR1000. There is no i2c communication between them. And also, I haven't used the DPS310 alone, but I still see no reason why it won't work with the MKR1000, it's just a matter of the proper code.
    As for the working, why don't you build it yourself and tell me? (Just look at the screenshots, if you don't have the parts!) :)
    Edit: I haven't completed the documentation yet, hopefully I'll do it by the deadline. Why don't you read it once its done?

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