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  • Text Teleporter 8 months ago

    You can use this:
    Download and paste the folder as "Keyboard" in your Arduino's library folder.
    Can you explain what error you were getting ?

  • Text Teleporter 9 months ago

    Are you using an ATMega 32u4 based board like Arduino Leonardo or Micro ?
    This project supports Arduino boards which have more than one Serial interfaces (Serial, Serial1 and so on), so if you're using a board that has only one Serial interface like Arduino Uno, the compiler will give an error that "Serial1 was not declared". You can use the Software Serial library with Arduino Uno to replicate this project but I haven't tested that way yet.
    Thanks for your interest in this project.

  • Text Teleporter 9 months ago

    @Sekihara The source code is available here:
    But it's still in beta phase, so be careful.

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