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Emonion: A Cathartic Onion-Cutting Experience

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  • Magoo over 5 years ago

    This project is really provocative. I think it's really interesting that you decided to explore visual impairment as a starting point for the idea, but did not build off of an existing device. The electronics and computation components of the project seem really advanced, innovative, and well thought out. They are also very well documented here -- I can definitely get a sense of how all this works. The actual design of the necklace is awesome! I like that you went for something fashionable, and it feels like something that we would use in a dystopian future. Instead of marketing it as a device people specifically for purchase and use by people who are visually impaired (not that they shouldn't), it would be interesting to approach Magoo through a more critical lens. I could seriously see a major designer putting this in a high-end fashion show as a critical device to provoke debate and discourse on disability.

  • Flip over 5 years ago

    As an avid scuba diver and someone who has loved being underwater for as long as I've known how to swim, I wish I had this as a kid! This device perfectly provokes underwater exploration without taking away the imaginative experience. I like that the LCD screen only shows what animal you are during the swim and so smart to tie it to underwater biology at a particular location. You keep the experience open-ended enough to still encourage a child's imagination without filling in the blanks too much. I also appreciate that the motivation for Flip encourages children to exercise but also has a conservation component because it promotes awareness of underwater life. It might be interesting to add a feature that would allow the child to choose a location to swim in. Many children wouldn't have the opportunity to travel to remote corners of the globe to find new animals, but Flip might allow them to simulate the experience. The final glove design prototype is really well done, and I like the inclusion of the Flip Style guide. I wish there was more details on how you guys made the device and a more complete description of what it actually does. Overall, though, this project is awesome!

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