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  • Smart Access [Home/Office Automation] over 1 year ago

    Not the code for this project, but there is another similar project which I published in Github. You can find it here

  • Smart Access [Home/Office Automation] over 3 years ago

    I'm late to finish this. Was focusing on WakeOnLan, push notification, moving the controls and few other bug fixes also.
    I've added push button in the latest version Smart Access 2.3.
    The hardware is designed to send a low pulse for 1 sec once a push button request is received. If you want, you can make the required changes in the Arduino project for you.
    Thank You :-)

  • Smart Access [Home/Office Automation] over 3 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Am I correct that you are asking why it is not able to add a normal button in the android app ?
    If yes, I have already planned to add buttons similar to switches. You can add 1 or 2 button per row.

    The reason why it was not added initially is priority. The work is in progress, I'm adding more controls.

    The main goal of the application is to control devices remotely when you are not at home or office and that too without having static ip. So it is not possible to get the status of device/board back to application simultaneously. [Or at least to my knowledge with my resources it was not possible]

    From the code you can see that the board is frequently [every 5 secs] checking is there any update for me with my device id. Recently I've added a security code into the device as well. So next I will update the server the status of the device/board also.

    The conclusion is, without able to read the status of device and being you are remote [not at home or office] it won't be a good idea to add a button, because at device end it won't have any idea when the button was pressed last time and do it need to process the button press event again.
    So once updating device status to server is done, I'll add the buttons also.

    Hope this helped you. And I kindly request you to wait for some more time till I'm adding buttons.

    Thank You :-)

  • Smart Access [Home/Office Automation] over 3 years ago

    I've code for NodeMCU [ESP8266, not ESP32]. But it is for previous version of my software. If you wan't I can share that. It'll work with current version also. It dose not include Bluetooth support.
    For ESP32 coding is in progress only.
    I'm trying to add more controls [to software] like ultrasonic sensor. So that we can include home security also. So I consider this as high priority and stop supporting other devices for now. Just wan't everything to work with Mega 1st then will continue with ESP32 and ESP8266

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