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Smart Access [Home/Office Automation]

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Home/Office automation. Control your electronic devices from anywhere.

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Components and supplies

1434509556 android phone color
Android device
I tested with Android 7 and 8. You can download application from
Ardgen mega
Arduino Mega 2560 & Genuino Mega 2560
Also work with Uno and Nano. Uploading sketch from Android app will only work for FTDI, CP2102 chips. This application can even work with NodeMCU, ESP32 etc. But those code is not published here. You can get the bin file [to upload manually] from here.
Arduino Ethernet Shield 2
I used a clone device. Chip W5100
Relay Module (Generic)
You can use any relay module depending on the board you selected. I tested with 8 channel relay module.
61pby065esl  sx679  tnr8syww5d
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
This is required only if you wish to control via bluetooth. Otherwise you can still sync the device with software using usb.

Apps and online services

Android Smart Access
You need to download this software from play store. I developed this software and published in play store for free. This application is communicating with my server so no need of static IP

About this project

This application helps to control electronic devices remotely. This is a cloud base application, so no Static IP required. You need a WiFi/Ethernet at Home/Office to connect Arduino devices. Then from your phone, you can control connected appliances from anywhere.

You can:-

  • Switch On/Off your devices
  • Can send analog signal from 0-255
  • Can switch On your PC using WakeOnLan from anywhere
  • Push buttons to send short interval signals

Android Application

You can download the android application from here.

How to Setup and Use (Guide)

How to setup and use (Guide)

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at

To know how to use this app, please click the link:

Mainly focusing on Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Mega 2560. Supporting chips: CP210x, FTDI (both upload and sync). CH34x (sync only). For Ethernet tested with W5100.

You can download the hex/bin files from here. For NodeMCU you need to use bin file from here to upload. For Arduino Uno and Mega this software can upload using the upload hex button under terminal.


Smart Access
This projects can communicate with an android application [Smart Access] and you can control your devices at home/office from anywhere through internet. This can also be used to control device locally using Bluetooth module. You can boot your PC using WakeOnLan feature. This inclue 2 files. 1. Smart Access.ino 2. Erratums.h You need to compile and upload to your Arduino Mega board. You need either Ethernet shield or Bluetooth module to control you device from androud application.
Force reset device
This sketch is used to delete the authentication code from the board. Once if you sync a board using your account, then it's locked and not possible to sync with other account. This is done so that, it's not possible for others to simply connect to your board and control devices using Bluetooth. So in case if you are blocked, maybe because you lost your google account then you can use this sketch to reset the authentication code. So that next time you can sync with you new account.


How to connect devices
Here I'm using Bluetooth module. So no need to connect to mobile device.
Img 20180608 wa0019 eumvf9ex6l


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