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  • Dora about 6 years ago

    This project has such a great vibe - well introduced in About and Description sections, and demonstrated in the videos. Dora embodies the character I'd always imagined the esoteric West Coast, Best Coast to embody, having growing up in the speedy, distrusting East --> Exhibit A: my first thought was - how can you trust people enough for this? As if in answer, I really appreciated you unleashing her in the wild Berkeley terrain - some greatness truly ensued. I liked how the video showed that when someone did not have a gift, they could still participate by moving Dora. Logistically, I was confused by the voiceover in the video regarding the Campanile journey - it seemed as if the box was speaking to the gifter/mover, but only that one time?
    I like the concept of it being specifically dedicated to a campus - clues relating specifically to monuments that only insiders know, in order to harbor a sense of community. It could even become a sort of mascot/secret-society hybrid. That said, how could it be made more inviting, to entice people to approach and engage the adventure it holds within??
    Also, just noticed the crew's cameos as background it!

  • Flip about 6 years ago

    I love the video and logo! Great outtro of ripples :-P. Vivid set up of the context, too.
    Water is indeed magical, and it's great to have a device that recognizes that! Attaching the two parts would be a great next step, and I LOVE the Aqua Glove prototype, i.e. next iteration - it looks incredibly sturdy and like a 'must-get' that kids in cold climates and cities would have, in order to imagine themselves on the beach, even across the world. I could even see a market for this for "big kids"...i.e. I would totally buy one. I would have loved to see more of the device in action in the video - I had to watch it twice to know that the starfish corresponded to slow movement and the fish to fast (that part was explained after the demonstration), especially because the two movements seemed pretty similar in speed. I like the multi-device media - first you swim, then you see what you swam as on the app, and *especially* cool is that it picks up where the swimmer is, to add a new dimension to kids' vacations -- I remember those could get boring as a kid in adult-centric destinations. Awesome job!

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