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  • Touchless Doorbell about 2 months ago

    Your Idea is nice. But I designed this for a ting-tong type doorbell . Which need only one pulse. for one ting-tong.

  • COVID - 19 Non Contact Thermometer about 2 months ago
    1. Distance between object and sensor: 2cm-5cm (approx.)
    2. Yes it is possible. We can connect this via WIFI or Bluetooth. For that, some additional components required.(HC 05 or ESP8266 -01 )
  • Money Heist BELLA CIAO Song In Arduino Uno 2 months ago

    Nice work 👍

  • Touchless Doorbell 2 months ago

    This article is mainly for beginers. So function in function may more difficult for beginers. That why I create the long sketch.

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