So I Fixed a Broken Hasbro Lightsaber

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  • Use Teachable Machine AI to Control Anything 8 months ago

    I have no clue. You can try to raise an issue on the Github repository. I don't think there's much hope since it's not updated for quite a while.

  • So I Fixed a Broken Hasbro Lightsaber 11 months ago

    I kind of carefully tear one side of the handle off with slow brutal force, which took some time. In the end the plastic cracked just along the side below the head. I can screwed the side back in place since another half is still connected.

    Originally I tried to open the head itself, but I couldn't find any screws. I guess it was glued shut to protect the more sophisticated lighting system (some earlier models only use a light bulb like a flashlight, and the head can be taken off easily).

  • ArduMeter - Arduino Incident Light Meter over 2 years ago

    Nice! My first medium format camera is also the Yashica Mat-124G, which has a working accurate light meter. The lens are not in prime shape though. Now I mostly use my Mamiya Six-IV.

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