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Walbi, the Walking Biped

Project tutorial by The Inner Geek

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Intellisaurus - Dinosaur Robot Kit

Project in progress by Jacquin Buchanan

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  • JQR Quadruped Autonomous Robot ***UPDATE 25/May/2019*** 14 days ago

    I think your perception module is too slow, I saw how you are using the Light Lidar to scan and get the scene in front of the quadruped. 15 seconds is a long time, and 100x100 is a really small area. You need to drop the light lidar, buy the OEM D410 (accuracy) or D430 (speed) sensors from intel (unless you want color, then use the D415 or the D435i - the i has a gyro and can help positioning for mapping). The processing on the chips of these devices will give you the point cloud and works outside as well since it uses stereo + an IR laser projector and you can drop the swivel action. You should do the processing of the cloud on something better than an arduino, like the raspberry pi. The rule of thumb is the following:

    arduino: does X and Y
    raspberry pi: does X, does Y, does Z, ...

    And you can hook up an arduino to the pi. Feel free to message me if you need any help.

  • Intellisaurus - Dinosaur Robot Kit 12 months ago

    I think your walking gait is off, you can't move one leg at a time (but it is a software fix). Looks really cool as a prototyping kit!

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