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  • Satellite Tracker 3 days ago

    Thanks! The tracking is done by giving it an array of TLEs at the beginning, then it will begin tracking all the satellites listed. Unfortunately you can't change this list without reuploading to the Arduino. If you have the serial monitor open you can see when the satellites are coming and which one it's tracking.

    I'd definitely appreciate suggestions on new features. You can always fork the repository and create a pull request on github.

  • Satellite Tracker 6 days ago

    Hi Matha,
    I'm so glad to hear you got it working! I'm also not a mechanical engineer, which is why the mechanical design is a bit wonky haha.
    Looking forward to your feedback on the code, there are definitely things that could be better there too.

  • Satellite Tracker 9 days ago

    Hi Matha,

    Yes I glued the axels to the counter weight. The stepper motors are glued onto the base. I don't know if you got the same ball bearing as I did for the connection from the stand to the base, but I basically glued the center of the ball bearing to stand and the top to the bottom of the base. The lids to the counterweight just snap into place, I put a couple of extra ball bearings in there to balance out the dish. If you have the same stepper motors as me you'll have to snip off the screw tabs for the azimuth motor. You can screw in the elevation motor though. Hopefully this clears things up a bit, let me know if you have any more questions!

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