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  • Satellite Tracker over 1 year ago

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the very late reply! I don't seem to be getting the notifications from this website. A 2.4 meter dish sounds like quite the undertaking! IDK if you've already completed something in the 7 months since this comment but I would love to get in touch and chat about possibilities! You can reach me at



  • Satellite Tracker over 1 year ago

    Your work looks amazing! Tape, zip ties and hot glue is definitely the way to go!

  • Satellite Tracker over 1 year ago

    Hi Tony,

    That's awesome that you built it! The dish is based off of the SED system satellite dish in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Here are the coordinates for the real dish: 52.139416, -106.625936. The Canadian Space Agency uses it to talk to their satellites.



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