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  • SketchBoard over 5 years ago

    The video was great! It would have been awesome to see JP-Z making turns and riding the board for a longer period of time, to really understand how the entire design got created (instead of one second down a hallway). Your final product pictures are great, and your presentation of how the technology works was really awesome - I loved hearing about the different mechanisms and your design choice in sharpies. It would have been really cool if you also did do some user testing around campus, and put that in your final hackster. It would be nice to hear other peoples' thoughts. Overall, really really cool project!

  • Mystick over 5 years ago

    I really liked Mystick! It's really innovative and out of the box to update a walking stick. Watching your demonstration actually made me want to go hiking and try it out. It was great that you showed it to people on the trail for some UX testing - what would have been nice is if you included some of the quotes from the people you showed it to in your presentation - I love hearing about direct feedback.

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