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What Do I Build Next? An Arduino Uno Mini Robot

Project tutorial by James Martel

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Wifi Enabled 2/4 Wheeled Robot Platform Utilizing MKR1000

Project showcase by James Martel

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Otto DIY build your own robot in one hour!

Project tutorial by Camilo Parra Palacio

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Tricks for Controlling DC Motors

Project tutorial by tolgadurudogan

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  • Terminator HK Tank over 1 year ago

    Ooops, after spending 20 minutes writing comments about how good and interesting this project was and leaving comments about the use of the five UC's for object detection and how they may be polled to better avoidance .... I didn't see your Arduino code listed... I inadvertently clicked the github link "I found the HK_low level code" but I also lost all my comments to you. I am intrigued by the separation of duties in this project and how the RPi handled the Video detection with OpenCV and fed avoidance commands to the Arduino. Why did you choose the Uno and not the Mega which would give you more interrupts and io pins for the UC's? For edge detection did you try a line detector or a laser distance sensor? Also there seemed to be a blind spot in front of robot because UC's were angled in towards center front, that's why I tried a pan servo for the UC's in front. I also have the DFR camera that was available on Kickstarter and I couldn't get it to control my Devastator that I also purchased with that pledge. Good luck again. I want to check your low-level code out and see what I might offer. Check out my Hackster.IO stuff at "what Do I Build Next?"

  • ObjectBlocks makes easy Arduino and IOT development over 2 years ago

    This is a very interesting product, but it does not appear to be available in the USA. I have sent an inquiry today. I would like to also build a robot using both Google AIY projects and a Raspberry PI

  • Arduino & Visuino: Control DC Motor with L9110S Driver over 3 years ago

    Wow, I like the articulation. Written such that a newbie to Visuino can use it. Thanks

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