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My XL Wireless Photo Wall - PictureLED

My XL Wireless Photo Wall - PictureLED © GPL3+

A project utilizing the mkr1000 and 960 ws2812b to display a picture on the wall, you take a photo with the smartphone and you can see it!

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Components and supplies

Abx00004 iso both
Arduino MKR1000
WS2812B x 60 1M led strip
12V 20A PSU
Large wood plate 120cm * 80cm
Plastic cover

Necessary tools and machines

Circular saw

About this project

Hello, I am Almog, aged 12, and I created this project originally for the holiday of light, when I heard of the MKR1000 contest I hacked the project and modified it to work with the new board, and I will share this with you.

I was lucky to have found a workshop to work in in the Jerusalem museum of science.

First, this is the wooden plate, that was cut into the right size:

After that it was basically arranging the led strips and connecting all the wires

After that initial testing was done with an Arduino Uno.

now the tricky part was the connection of the PSU, I originally wired all the strips in a row, but unfortunately there was a deep dive in voltage, and after some lights were started others never did. It took me the best part of two hours to come with a solution, which was using 5 connections from the PSU and hooking them to multiple strips at multiple entries. so that every 2-3 strips got a straight 5v+ connection from the PSU.

Wiring also took a lot of time, and I wired the data in pins from different sides (8 from one side and 8 from the other) creating an interlaces image.

After electricity was up and running, I sanded the plastic cover to get a matte effect:

Last part, hanging on the wall and hiding the power supply.

Last part of the work was the converting from an Uno to a mkr1000, I had a few voltage issues with the 3.7 and ironing some unexpected issues in the fastled library used to control the Arduino.

I also built an android app that takes an image converts it to the correct size using an azure service and posts it to the wifi server. works nicely. 

Upon the completion of this project submission deadline, I got the code messed up a bit, so I could not share it here, but I will add it later.


Closed codeArduino
My code is still quite buggy, and I can't share it here it, but its basically two components:
* An android app, that takes an image, converts to 60x16, and uploads to the wifi web server
* The arduino code - a simple webserver that gets 60x16x3 values and sends directly to the led strips
//Code to be put here later


Crude schematics
I wish I knew some cad software, but I can really just draw, but its really quite simple, the 5V goes to each strip, and from the MKR1000 you get 8 output pins to the right side, and 8 to the left side. they all go to the appropriate strip into the DIN pin, so you put the even strips facing left and the odd strips facing right


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