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  • SketchBoard over 5 years ago

    I like the idea of your product a lot and I think the prototype is quite an impressive technological feat. One point I think you guys mentioned in your presentation that I thought was very compelling was that instead of having famous skaters sign your board, you can have them ride your board and produce an art piece. I thought that idea in it of itself was amazing, and your prototype definitely shows how it can be accomplished. I think there's lots of fun and interesting avenues you can take this, including playing with the drawing material, changing up the drawing algorithm, redesigning it for skateboards (tricks), etc. One thing you could even do is design something that the user can customize himself, allow him to choose or code his own art algorithm and use his own preferred drawing material. It'd be a more niche target user group but the customizability I think would definitely be taken advantage of in many creative ways. Awesome stuff guys!

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