IR remote controlled DC servo motor using Arduino

Project tutorial by ambhatt

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DC Motor speed control and measurement

Project tutorial by ambhatt

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Arduino based LOCK/UNLOCK ALARM with LCD

Project tutorial by ambhatt

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Tricks for Controlling DC Motors

Project tutorial by tolgadurudogan

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  • DC Motor Controlling Library almost 2 years ago

    yes, surely
    there are direct library functions given to rotate motor forward and reverse
    also you can control speed of motor

  • 8-Bit IO Port Library for Arduino almost 3 years ago

    yes. but you have to give input in decimal numbers like
    as you want for
    11100000 you have to send 224
    01110000 you have to send 112
    and like wise
    you can make array of these values and sent them to any port pins

  • 8-Bit IO Port Library for Arduino almost 3 years ago

    hello there,
    thanks for your comments.
    I am already aware of AVR IO port manipulation with DDR/PIN/PORT because I have been working on AVR Attiny/ATMega/XMega since 8 years.
    the library is given to combine any 8 IO pins of arduino to work as a port.
    using this library it will be easier to write a program for different peripheral/IO devices like 8-bit DAC, DIP switches, 7-segment display, LED bargraph display and many more. I know that this may take more time in execution but all such IO devices are much slower as compared to speed of arduino.
    so the beginners who are just aware of digitalWrite()/digitalRead() functions of arduino that works on 1 pin input/output, can use this library to send/get 8-bit digital input/output

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