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Super Bot Gears - a 3D-printed Arduino starter kit

Project tutorial by bzqp

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IoT Cloud Enabled Alarm Clock

Project showcase by MoritzDornseifer

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  • Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel over 1 year ago

    Stop playing internal USA politics.

  • Hot Water Heater Thermocouple Voltage Monitor over 1 year ago

    Nice project.
    But there are a serial library for Arduino and RPi have a serial port. So you could just send the messages by serial transmission. The Arduino will accept 3.3 V, and the serial connection to the RPi could be used with the Voltage divider you have designed. There are digital level adjust IC:s that you also could use for this.

    An even simpler solution would be to use the ADC the William suggested. You can also use a 1 Wire temperature sensor if you like. 1 Wire are even simpler to use. There are a file system for Linux for 1 Wire, or you can use a library if you prefer that talks to 1W devices. Then you can add a couple to measure the temperature on the room, and on hot water outlet if you want to.

    But great solution for a real problem you had.

  • Face-Masks Disinfection Device — needlab over 1 year ago

    Nice project, I like it and I also like all the suggestions to make it a safe device.

    (And, no, it isn't formally an open source project, if you have a restriction like you have about non commercial use. Still useful project)

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