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  • Old Sole about 6 years ago

    I love this project! I am really close to my grandma who also uses a walker and has trouble walking so I really related to the project. I like how you explained the process of getting to the idea and how it was a combination of the things you brainstormed. However, I think you guys could've included some drawings in the brainstorming to better illustrate ideas. Right now, I see a lot of pictures of the stickies. I also LOVED the video. It was one of the best videos I've seen in this class. It was engaging, had an element of humor, and explained the product well. I like the take you look on transportation with a product that in a sense inhibits mobility. A lot of innovations in transportation is to make it more efficient and faster, but you guys took the opposite approach and in doing so also strikes conversion of what should be the goal in designing not just transportation products but products in general. Faster and more efficient isn't necessarily the way to go. Sometimes a solution requires you to slow something down, like your project. Overall, the Hackster was clear in explaining the project. The Make it Your Own part was very thorough but maybe too wordy and text-heavy. It would be cool to see more visuals and images overall and to spice up the text with more character, like your video. Loved the presentation and how Andrew came in later. The demo was a clear and fun illustration of the product and got us curious.

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