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Project tutorial by Team Old Sole

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  • 2Wheelz over 5 years ago

    I love the story that's told. The framing for this project was very well done -- we see what this product does and how it affects not just individuals - but families.

    Some ideas: imagine if this device were ported to things other than a small bike. Maybe there could be a whole suite of products devoted to capturing "firsts". I'd also imagine this to be quite the battery drain. If there was some way you could connect the wheels to the chamber, you could use the kinetic motion to power the phone and the arduino.

    Overall, very cool!

  • Jack over 5 years ago

    This concept really stretches the "sharing" community that people of this era are really tied to. I love the idea of a device not having an owner, and even more than that, a personality. I wonder if there's some way for people to discover this without having to go through the webapp. If it were possible, I could imagine the board starting to "wander off" once it got bored.

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