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Programming the ATtiny85 (Using an Arduino Uno)

Project tutorial by Ian Cumming

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Project tutorial by Unexpected Maker

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  • UltrasonicEyes about 1 year ago

    This is an excellent project tutorial! Your explanations are great and the multiple Fritzing diagrams are very helpful (and well designed). I wish more folks would do that — instead of just sharing the final state, which is usually a complex mess that is impossible to decipher. Nice work!

  • Using 16x2 LCD with Arduino almost 2 years ago

    This is a good explanation of how the LCD works — thank you!
    You might want to update the formatting of the inline code excerpts. Rather than surrounding the code with single or double quotes, use single backticks around the snippet and your code bits will look more like code() that "code()" — I hope that's helpful! Thanks again!

  • Room temperature sensor with display on Mobile about 3 years ago

    Very cool project – thanks for sharing!
    A suggestion: You might want to include a 10K resistor between VCC and data pins on the sensor. There are quite a few forum posts etc about this topic if you're curious... and here's Adafruit's Fritzing diagram for reference:

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