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Project "Gallon" - Smart Drinking Water Monitoring Platform

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  • Project "Gallon" - Smart Drinking Water Monitoring Platform over 5 years ago

    Hi David,
    Thanks so much for your comment. It's great to hear you're living in Indonesia, hope you enjoy it :)

    The community and ecosystem of IoT in Indonesia is beginning to grow. There're some community activities going on now. This Saturday, we organize a big IoT event in Bogor, near to Jakarta. It would be great if you could come.

    My company and I, with many friends in community are trying to grow the awareness around IoT, through some events (seminar, classes/workshop) and online activities. It's either for makers and developers, and also to startups, government, enterprises, and public in general. Hopefully, we can start to see some growth in this area. There are few active communities, like MakeDoNia in Jakarta, IoT for Bandung (obviously in Bandung), and IoT Geek in Surabaya.

    Regarding your suggestion on pressure sensor, it's a good idea. Is it in the bottle, meaning the sensor should be in touch with the water? My first thought for the project is to avoid any component in touch with water, to reduce risk of contamination or at least, the thought of it from users perspective.

    Initially, my team and I also thought to use load cell sensor put under the dispenser to measure the weight between empty and full bottle. The water level can be then measured in linear. But that idea is not implemented as it requires user to lift the "heavy" dispenser, that may not be preferable.

    The accuracy and noise of currently used sensor is still the challenge. We're open for any idea.

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