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CNC Part Picking Machine

Project tutorial by Arduino “having11” Guy

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Polar CNC Drawing Machine

Project showcase by Sandeep Sharma

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Simple and Cheap Phone Controlled Fireworks Igniter

Project tutorial by danionescu

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  • Simple and Cheap Phone Controlled Fireworks Igniter over 2 years ago

    Interesting. I'm also working on a similar project, but there's a problem: having to manually wind the wire around the firework fuse (which are quite slippery and is pretty difficult) or a match head. I didn't use nichrome, though, I used plain copper wire, which also seems to work fine and it's all I have currently, though it requires more current.

  • Arduino Addons: Battery Level Indicator almost 3 years ago

    This project doesn't use any analog pins, so no AREF as well. It's not very accurate, but it works. And AREF is just for getting more accuracy or resolution, it's not an important pin for your project. You can also connect it directly to an analog pin, no problem.

  • Star Wars on a Buzzer almost 3 years ago

    It has no purpose. Apparently, the author made a mistake. In fact, that looks suspiciously similar to an end-of-comment line, so I think he based his program in an example since examples usually start with a long comment stating author, revisions and licensing information, and accidentally copied that line.

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