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  • Electric Kiln Controller about 1 month ago


    I think that is normal for the PID cycle. The PID control will calculate how long it needs to be on during the cycle. Even though it isn't calling for much heat, the control is turning it on for a few milliseconds at the beginning of the cycle. This results in your flashing LED.

    Try this: Near the top of the program, change pidCycle to 30000. Now you should only see the LED flash every 30 seconds (at most). Change back when you are done testing.


  • Electric Kiln Controller about 1 month ago


    Sorry for the delay. I don't get notifications when someone asks a question here. So, email me if you need a quick response.

    Yes, it will do a negative ramp. Just keep your values positive in the text file and it can tell that you are going to a lower target temp.

    Just to be clear, it won't control any kind of active cooling. It will just do a PID control of the heating elements to get you to a lower temp in a controlled manner.


  • Electric Kiln Controller 4 months ago

    Search for PID in the Library Manager. The one I am using is by Brett Beauregard.

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