Make Your World Smarter with the Arduino Opla

Make Your World Smarter with the Arduino Opla © CC BY-NC-SA

Meet the Arduino Opla IoT Kit.

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Components and supplies

About this project

I recently received the newest kit from Arduino, which is the Arduino Opla. It is a great tool for those planning to make their IoT project. In a moment I'll tell you about my plans where I’ll use it, but from the beginning:


The kit is now unpacked, time to find out how to use it. To do this, go to the page dedicated to this kit, where you can find some sample projects and lots of valuable information. I decided to do three quick projects to familiarize myself with the IoT Cloud.

First Project

The first project only had to plug in the MKR WiFi 1010 board and connect it to the computer. That's it for the hardware part. Then I pasted the sample code and uploaded it to the Arduino. Its purpose is to display the current temperature and air humidity. Using touch sensors, we can select the displayed value. I also made a portable version of this project by slightly modifying the earlier code, inserting the battery, and closing the board in the housing.

Second Project

Another project was the Solar Tracker System, which was to provide us with information about various planets and moons. More information can be found on the previously mentioned website.

Third Project

The third project was the Smart Garden. Its execution was extremely simple, all you had to do was create a few variables, write a simple code, put these variables on the dashboard, and connect to the Internet. I connected a moisture sensor and a water pump to the Arduino. I also downloaded an application that shows me the dashboard on the phone. Thanks to this project, I can take care of my plant remotely: turn on the lighting when it is too dark and water it when the soil is too dry.

Custom Sensors

I got a motion and soil moisture sensor in the set, and a few other sensors are built on the board. However, if that was not enough or you would like to add, for example, temperature measurement from the outside, it is worth designing your own sensor, adapted to our needs. In this situation, I use PCBWay services and I am never worried about the delivery time or the quality of PCB.

Thanks for Your Time!

At the moment I have two uses for this module. Firstly, I'd like to convert my room into a smart room and secondly, I'd like to make a fully automatic greenhouse. Due to the current season in my country, I think I will make a smart room first :).

What would you use the Arduino Opla for?

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