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Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot

by Teamato

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Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot

Project tutorial by Teamato

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Autonomous Delivery System

Project tutorial by Abdullah Sadiq

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  • Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot 9 months ago

    The buttons corresponded to keyboard buttons used to control the bot. In this case, it was W,A,S,D,Q,E,X where WASD keys were assigned like they are in games(forward, back, left, right), Q increased the speed, E decreased the speed and X stopped the robot.

  • Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot 9 months ago

    Sorry for the late reply. As I am very new to robotics and I have been very busy with my masters and other paid research work I am doing(while this was more of a hobby project), in its current form, the map is just a concept but it can accept JSON data and then update the grid as shown. The idea is to eventually tie the SLAM algorithm from ROS to the detection. The built-in version is gslam or hector_mapping but there are other slam algorithms depending on your both your sensor and processing hardware. The idea is when a disease is detected, a message is sent via ros pub/sub method and the location is received the two data points points can be combined to show the map as displayed in our video.

  • Farmaid: Plant Disease Detection Robot 12 months ago

    Yes, thanks for asking. I meant to contact Hackster support for this but didn't have time. When we tried to submit it for the Arm Autonomous Robot Challenge, it didn't let us pick the first entry we made under the "Add Existing Entry" list. Only 1 hour was left before submission so I just created a new entry in which copied the one we made.

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