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Solar Water Tank Regulator

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  • Solar Water Tank Regulator over 2 years ago

    Actually all are pretty much the same .. I posted the one that I used in the project description.
    Anyway - you can send me the options you have and I will advice

  • Solar Water Tank Regulator over 2 years ago
    1. Yes it did solve it (this week I have turned on the electirc heater for the first time since last winter)
    2. A. You want to close the valve when water from the solar panels gets hotter by the water in the tank ( around 5-6 pm in the summer) - so the sensor on the returning water is necessary. B. When the valve is closed the temperature in inlet is confusing because no hot water are fluding the sensor C. At the end the term that works the best is open the valve only by daylight....
    3. Yes, using the thingspeaks infrastructure
    4. To send data to thingspeaks and track the valve

    Hope thats help !

  • Solar Water Tank Regulator almost 3 years ago

    Thank you for your interest.
    Here are the answers:
    1. Tank size - 150 litters
    The data is recorded in this public channel:
    You can combine it with Israel- tell Aviv weather to get a better idea.
    2. The tank itself is a regular tank that I have bought - I don't know exactly how it is insulated..
    3. I live in a building (20 apretments ) and we have a central heat collectors that ciruclate in the water tank (2 different pipes) with a pump.
    4.  it is already installed and works good.
    Notice that this system is preventing from hot water in the tank to cool down during the night and cold weather...

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