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Automatic Gesture Controlled Table Lamp for Study

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Gesture / Motion Controlled Automatic Appliances

Project tutorial by ashraf_minhaj

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  • Arduino Spider Robot (Quadruped) 7 months ago

    How did you make facial expression or Eyes on that display? Can you please explain or do you have any links for that?

  • Vision-Based Self-Driving Pick and Place Robot 7 months ago

    Here's my e-mail
    Thank you.

  • Smart Talking Humanoid Robot Just with Arduino! 7 months ago

    Hi, I've received your message too. Look I guess all the pictures I've taken was uploaded up there. So in order to take photos of head I'm afraid I have to tear MOFIZA apart. Sorry can't do that. Step 2 's First picture shows the eyes.

    Yes I know it's a messy Circuit. Tell you what, try the circuit and you'll find it's not that complex at all. Kindly tell me how to Simplify the circuit more than that? To understand, forget about the MOTORS, then go through the IR sensors connections. Then follow the same as IR sensors.

    And the eyes, Eyes are just two IR sensors, that's it. They are connected to the body using a Ribbon wire.
    I'm not the guy who can advise but my suggestion is, DON'T try to make this at once. Make a prototype and circuit on Bread Board then after a successful test MAKE IT. It took me two months to come up to this body design and three months to develop the code. It is not that complicated but may be it was.
    Happy making.

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