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Humaniod A.I Talking Robot With Arduino

Humaniod A.I Talking Robot With Arduino © CC BY

Humanoid talking robot

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Components and supplies

About this project

Lets make a simple robot that can talk to you and move according to your voice commands through android app.this robot can also give simple answers to some question according to the inbuilt question answer in app.You can also use google assistant with this robot to make more exciting.

Step 1:

Materials we need

  • Arduino pro mini /Arduino micro
  • Amplifier circuit
  • small speaker
  • 5 servo
  • 2 led
  • 2 wheels that can attach to servo

Extra materials & Tools

  • Hot glue gun
  • Few screws
  • One rectangular box
  • Mini drill to make holes
  • Small battery

Step 2: Software We Need

  • Mit app inventor
  • Arduino IDE

Step 3: Making the Servo Motor Continuous Rotation

servo sweep from 0 degree to 180 degree and we are using the servo motor for our robot wheel so first we need to make it continuous rotation.(you can also buy continuous rotation servo motor from market to skip this step.).

First open the servo motor screw after opening you will find a set of gears as in pic on the upper part of servo.

now you need to to cut a little notch on the gear of servo as you can clearly see in pic above .This notch prevent the servo from further movement after 180 degree.Now you need need to fix the potentiometer inside the servo motor circuit at 0 degree position just apply some feviquick or other similar adhesive .

If you want to get details documentation of it just google it

How to make a continuous-rotation servo motor you get a lots of links of illustration of this process.

Step 4: Making the Body of Robot

Now we need to make a body of our Robot.

To make the Body of robot we need a rectangular box like in pic above .

N follow the pics above in order to make the the body of robot.

just make few holes and fix the servo-motors as illustrated in pics above.

Step 5:

downlode sorce code

Now downlode the code from the link above and upload it to arduino micro .

FIrst open Arduino IDE and paste the code that you have downloaded then change the board to arduini pro mini.

select the the com port of arduino and upload it.

Step 6:

connect the wireless Bluetooth speaker to it with in the back of robot as in pic.

Wiring connect the wire according tho code to arduinio

servo left and right arm-->arduino pins(10, 11)

servo head--.>arduino 9

Bluetooth hc05

Rx to arduino tx


and Tx of Bluetooth to rx pin arduino

now you are ready

connect the app to Bluetooth of arduino

and enjoy it.

sorry for any spelling mistake during the writing of tutorials as I am new to it .Hope you Love it and vote us.

Step 7: Now Your Robot Is Ready for Your Fun.

enjoy the various pre build command and question answers in app

you can also change app according to you by importing the aia file in MIT app inventor.

you can also use google assistant to the robot via Bluetooth.

Step 8:

watch the working video




Schematics v9svu6u4yh


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