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Arduino Environmental Monitoring

Project showcase by Prajay Basu

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How To Use Lora With Arduino

Project tutorial by noneedforit

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Smart Health Kit

Project showcase by Team Akatsuki

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  • OpenCat over 3 years ago

    Hi Rongzhong,
    That's great news. It will be a great success. Could you please reach out to me and we can sign an NDA for any of your technology. As I mentioned I'd like to use your project as a demonstrator. I would really like to collaborate on establishing a market for this and use it in research. I hope to hear from you soon. Take care, Adrian.

  • OpenCat over 3 years ago

    Hi Rongzhong, I'm a PhD Researcher working in Health Informatics (Edinburgh Napier University, UK), specifically looking at risk elevation within the Frail and elderly. I have bought a 3D printer specifically to try and build the full version. There are few applications that can possibly be achieved with your platform, first is research into reducing the issue of isolation for the elderly. Research is ongoing with Aibo in Japan currently and others. The second is that it becomes a mobile platform for connectivity and monitoring (with the necessary security) it can become a companion. I work with the DHI (Digital Health and Care Institute, and we are creating demonstrator and simulator environment(s) I would very much like to showcase this as both an application of your technology and as a research possibility. Any help you can provide would be very useful. Best regards. Adrian.

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