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  • Plastic Reflectic about 1 year ago

    It should be a lot more informative now :]

  • Plastic Reflectic about 1 year ago

    Good point, I added this project rather hastily a couple years ago, sorry about that.

    I'll update it in a bit, but to answer the questions you asked in this post: We used a kinect depth camera to see the visitor's silhouette and then analysed it in Max/MSP to change it to a black and white image of around 600 pixels total, with the silhouette being white pixels. This pixel data was sent to the Arduino Uno, which was connected to 38 daisy-chained servo boards. The black water was filled with ~600 servos with floating pieces of plastic attached. A black pixel meant the corresponding servo would pull the piece of plastic below the water, while a white pixel meant the plastic was allowed to float to the top and become visible.

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