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Arduino Sea Shells Light/Music Box

Project tutorial by behrooz66

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Buzz Wire with Score Counter

Project tutorial by behrooz66

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  • Buzz Wire with Score Counter 14 days ago

    Hi Kevin. Yes the resistors seem to be absent from the diagram. My bad. But the ones I used are 220 Ohms. You can use almost any resistor, all the difference it makes is how shiny the LEDs will be.
    I think the MR should be connected to 5v. This should be something very easy to test though, if you have a 74HC595 hanging around.

  • Buzz Wire with Score Counter 17 days ago

    I have included three code files, are you sure you have looked (and copied) through all three of them?

  • Buzz Wire with Score Counter 22 days ago

    Just wondering why have you copy pasted code here?!

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