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  • Herb Box Eco System about 1 month ago

    That's a pretty strong accusation. As an author of a few DIY articles that have found an audience, it can be really hard to help people troubleshoot especially if they are totally new to the subject matter. I also wouldn't be surprised if the author's code drifted a bit from publishing to finalizing the prototype, and maybe api specs have changed as well.

    I understand with the stress of a team project it can be frustrating if a guide isn't perfect, but the spirit of DIY is that it takes some leg work and frustration. You didn't pay for this, and the author has put some serious effort into writing up how the project was done. Even if they simply focused on the carpentry aspect, and followed another guide to get this working (which seems unlikely to me), that's still a solid addition to a popular project.

  • Big Mouth Billy Bass + Alexa 4 months ago

    Looks like we've got a useful suggestion followed by some self promotion.

    I used the onboard speaker already inside Billy Bass which nicely integrates, but I'm not super familiar with amplifiers. Would a low power amp with the same speaker make a difference?

    Want to tell us a little more about WannaDIY? What's your favourite project?

  • Herb Box Eco System over 1 year ago

    This project is gorgeous, very well done!

  • Alexa Controlled LEDs Through Arduino Yún over 1 year ago

    Sweet! Updating the Thing Shadow by voice is the huge bulk of the work. If you just pasted my code then you still have a couple values to change in the aws_iot_config.h file, which are all surrounded by <these braces>.

    Updating those values might fix it for you! If it does, that's great.

    Regardless, there still should be some Serial output telling you registration failed. So if it still isn't working, I'd suggest trying some simple Arduino sketches from their examples to confirm the Yun is working properly. Maybe a simple sketch for printing that just says "I am here". Serial printing is your friend and may have some useful hints toward what is going wrong.

  • Alexa Controlled LEDs Through Arduino Yún over 1 year ago
  • Alexa Controlled LEDs Through Arduino Yún over 1 year ago

    Hi Jonathan, sounds like you did a lot of work starting again from scratch - sorry to hear that. Let's keep narrowing down the problem here. The two parts I would suggest confirming are the lambda skill is controlling the Thing Shadow properly, and the Arduino is successfully subscribed to the Thing.

    You can test the lambda with the instructions at the end of "Step 3" - are you able to turn the light on and off when you run these?

    If not, then I'd focus on the Arduino steps. When plugged into a computer over USB, try opening the serial log window and watch the log messages. These should output errors if it is not properly connected.

    Good luck and keep me updated!

  • Alexa Controlled LEDs Through Arduino Yún over 1 year ago

    Hi Jonathan, well done getting to this point! I would suggest trying the "Blink" example to confirm the LED will turn on an off as a starting point:

    This should narrow down if it's a hardware or software problem. Let me know how it goes!

  • Sprout: Modern Indoor Self Watering Planter over 1 year ago

    Very well done, this is much more stylish than my attempt! I've been planning to make second version, so thanks for some good ideas in here.

  • Fire From Water over 1 year ago

    Looks great! Needs some cool mist next ;-)

  • Alexa Controlled LEDs Through Arduino Yún over 1 year ago

    This is done by in line 17 of the lambda with thingName = 'Your-Thing-Name', which also requires your account to have IAM permission to access your IoT thing.

  • Fire From Water over 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot Gustavo! I was wondering if it would be clear in the video, but the splashing is totally resolved just by putting a lid on the ziploc/motherboard container. You'll also want to make sure it isn't lined up directly under the computer fan, but I have had no problems with this.

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