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Continuous Real Time IoT Tide Monitoring

Continuous Real Time IoT Tide Monitoring

Effective and open data network that monitors real-time data from NOAA and users monitoring environmental information.

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Title: Continuous Real Time IOT Tide Monitoring

Background: Strong winds, such as those associated with hurricanes, can override the effect of the tide. Hurricanes, as we all know, can wreak havoc on the people and area affected. That gave us an idea: What better way to demonstrate machine to machine communication than to make a combined water/air temperature sensor? Data and insight, preparation and response can be monitored with a cellular based monitoring system. IoT connects all kinds of physical devices from small environmental sensors. Connecting a Arduino shield sensor to the Raspberry Pi to measure the air water temperature. The current value is then published to using the internet connection provided by Hologram Nova Cellular USB Modem.

Design: For our temperature sensors, a waterproof version is implemented for measuring the water, and heat-shrink tubing to protect the sensor(s) for air temperature measurements.

Arduino shields then add to the functionality of the Arduino, combined with a GSM Shield to be able to data to our back-end service.The GSM shield requires an activated SIM card to be able to connect to the mobile network. A water proofr storage box with snap lid will accommodate both the Arduino and GSM shield as well as the battery box.

Implementation: A cellular based monitoring system that can detect the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun. The system would transmit that would be highly useful before severe weather. The components of this kit could be a good solution for monitoring extreme changes in tide. Data from the device can also be downloaded or commands uploaded through the wireless interface.


DEVICE : Raspberry Pi Zero with Hologram Nova, Arduino Uno, and Arduino GSM Shield.

INTERFACE : We will be using Hologram Dashboard and Hologram Data Engine with or without an aux user made GUI.

USER : The end user. Results from the project will be observed on a public dashboard.

Problems Addressed: IoT can primarily improve this longer-term planning for hurricanes and severe weather.

Plan: The project is outfitted with structural sensors that can improve safety for severe weather events. All data collected can also help hurricane monitoring in the future and inform those in the area. The networking and software to implement IoT systems can help mitigate the impact of a hurricane by understanding situations better with data.

Enhancements: Make the device compact and water resistant to measure the atmospheric and environmental preconditions at high and low tide.

Make the device compact, versatile and include a GPS module to incorporate the station by ship, buoy, or tide house.


Tide monitoring
Ultrasonic tide monitoring


Tide monitoring house
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