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  • Magoo about 6 years ago

    I echo the first comment in saying that I think it's great that you let a real user need of blindness and interviews from a DSP staff member to shape the design! It's very impressive that you tackled both navigation and obstacle avoidance. The story of the product comes across well on this hackster page and I appreciate the addition of the new video. Great slide on the SparkCore + Node + GoogleMaps set up. Also, impressive printed PCB. Cool choice of wearable with the necklace. It seems discreet and that it also could be stylish. This would be interesting to test with the initial users you did research with and get their feedback.

  • 2Wheelz about 6 years ago

    I really liked that you thought of two user groups that had needs met by your product: parents and children. I can imagine that as a parent it would be great to keep and share photos of children experiencing one of their "firsts". The need to capture moments but also be experiencing them is something I have observed in my own family -- for example, a sibling does something new and the parents are so engrossed in watching that they forget to document the moment. This definitely solves that problem! I also liked the aspect of providing feedback for the child for his/her balance.
    Great documentation, especially of your process through form-finding and final iteration. Shout out to the logo which is awesome!

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