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Date, Time, Temperature and Humidity Display

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  • Date, Time, Temperature and Humidity Display about 3 years ago

    Hello, sorry I am so late to reply to this. Did not see this post in a while.
    The DHT library comes with an inbuilt feature to convert to Fahrenheit. You can get it done using
    't = dht.readTemperature(true);'
    If I am not mistaken.
    I recommend looking through the DHT.h file at
    and this forum post

  • Date, Time, Temperature and Humidity Display almost 4 years ago


    Thank you so much. Regarding your pro mini, I think what you need to do is go to the "Tools" tab in the Arduino.exe software and switch the board to whatever you are using. Then be sure to alter the pins to the ones you are using in your pro mini. I haven't used one of them myself but I believe this small change ought to do the trick.

  • Date, Time, Temperature and Humidity Display about 4 years ago

    The code should work with the adafruit 128x64 OLED screen. Note that it should be using the SPI communications interface for this code to work. Apart from that you can also use this code with cheaper knockoffs found in eBay and elsewhere, but make sure it is using SPI. I believe any 128x64 OLED screen using the proper communications interface should work with this code so long as the pins are properly connected.

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