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OCS-2 : a digital, semi modular synthesizer

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  • OCS-2 : a digital, semi modular synthesizer about 1 month ago

    that's a good start!
    According to teensy website :
    " Version 3.6 features a 32 bit 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with floating point unit."

  • OCS-2 : a digital, semi modular synthesizer about 1 month ago

    Arduino language is just C code! there are tones of book around C programming. Arduino instruction are just wrapper that make things easy, but very slow. So I just program everything in C.

    Also, the cortexM3 can not compute floating point number, so I had to program everything in fixed point, like we use to do in the 20th century! My advice is to use a microcontroller with floating point instruction to make life lot's easier.

    finally, I use a lot the hardware peripheral of the M3 using low level proclamation. The only way to do this is understanding the data sheet of the M3:
    since this document is 1500 pages, this is not the best option for a 1st start.
    atmega328 is smaller : you can't do serious audio computation, but you can learn everything that arduino is hiding you for simplicity. A simple search on the web send me to this page : that look like a good tutorial.

    I hope that help!

  • OCS-2 : a digital, semi modular synthesizer 4 months ago

    wikipedia have a good definition of "what is a synthesizer" :
    A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates electric signals that are converted to sound through instrument amplifiers and loudspeakers or headphones.

    If you wonder how knobs change the sound, you should have a look at a tutorial to analogue sound synthesis

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