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Build a Battle Bot Controlled with a PS2 Controller

Build a Battle Bot Controlled with a PS2 Controller © GPL3+

Learn how to build a simple battle bot that can be controlled with a PS2 controller via Bluetooth.

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Components and supplies

Ph a000066 iso (1) ztbmubhmho
Arduino UNO
13t1949 40
Connector Adapter, DC Power - 2.1mm
UNO R3 Sensor Shield V5.0
Motor Driver Module Shield
PS2 Controller
Motors & Back Wheels
You can use other motors and wheels but we used these because they were easy to assemble and hook up
Swivel Caster Wheel
For front wheel
18650 Battery Storage Case
18650 Rechargeable Batteries 3.7v
We used this for the body, flippers, etc.
Jumper Wires

Necessary tools and machines

Apps and online services

About this project

We created battle bots using the Arduino UNO and other affordable parts. These battle bots were made in a robotics club for 5th to 8th graders at Trivium Personalized Learning Public Charter School. It was a fun way for the kids to learn about the Arduino and robotics.

View "SCHEMATICS" to see visual diagrams on how everything is wired up. There are diagrams for the motor board, sensor shield, PS2 controller and also an additional motor connected to a bread board for a flipper/spinner. The flipper/spinner is programmed to activate when the X button is pressed on the PS2 controller.

We tried to use affordable supplies and gave the kids creative freedom on how to design their battle bots. We used parts that didn't require soldering, making it easier to assemble for beginners.


Coroplast was used to build the bodies. It is affordable, sturdier than cardboard and fairly easy to cut and bend.

Arduino UNO & Sensor Shield

We used the UNO R3 sensor shield so the kids could more easily connect the parts. You snap this shield on top of the Arduino and it's ready to use.

Motor Driver Board

We used this motor driver shield in order to make it easier for the kids to connect their motors.

To save on costs, we made our bots 2WD with 2 back motors and a front swivel wheel. The motor driver shield supports 4WD however, so you can easily assemble 2 more motors for the front.

18650 Battery Case

We chose these battery cases because they had 6" wire leads making it easy to connect to the Arduino.

PS2 Controller

We also wired up the bots to a PS2 controller that connected over Bluetooth.

There are tutorials that will teach you how to modify an existing PS2 controller for use with your bot but we used one we got from eBay that was already modified. There is a link to this controller under the components & supplies.

Other Supplies

We also used jumper wires (male/male & female/male), duct-tape, screws, nuts, bolts, wooden dowels, double-sided tape and velcro tape for assembling the parts.

In addition, we 3D printed some custom parts that were used for flippers, spinners and motor connectors. There are links to the STL files for one of the spinners and the motor connectors under "CUSTOM PARTS AND ENCLOSURES".

It was tons of fun building these battle bots! We loved seeing some of the concepts that the kids came up with using the limited supplies they were given. It was great seeing the progress they made as they tested their bots in battle and made changes based on where they saw the weaknesses.

Battle Videos

Battle 1

Battle 2

4 Way Battle

Battle Bot Battle

Battle Bot Battle


Battlebot with PS2 Controller
Code that allows you to control the battlebot with a PS2 controller

Custom parts and enclosures

3D printed Spinner
This is a 3D printed spinner one of the students created that was attached to one of the motors. It is activated when the PS2 controller X button is pressed.
Motor Connector - Single Piece
This is a 3D printed connector piece that we used to attach to the ends of the motors so we could easily connect dowels to them.
Motor Connector - 12 Pack
12 pack of the 3D printed connector piece that we used to attach to the ends of the motors. Use this if you want to print a lot of these for a class, otherwise use the Motor Connector - Single Piece .stl to print just 1.


Motor Board
This is wiring for the motor board. Shows how the motors are connected to the motor board and also how the wires are connected from the motor board to the sensor shield.
Motor board to sensor shield cnhlxryj79
PS2 Controller Bluetooth Wiring
Diagram that displays how to connect the bluetooth wiring up to the sensor shield.
Ps2 controller wiring 7onodt9tu0
Extra Motor Wired To Sensor Shield & Breadboard With Resistor
This is an extra motor that was added to activate a flipper when the PS2 X button is pressed.
Ps2 x controlled motor bnuhd8le0d


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