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How to Make a Siren Using Arduino

by coding_killer

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  • Non-contact Capacitive Liquid Level Sensing using FDC1004 over 2 years ago

    Please suggest me any cheap alternative...this breakout board has a 24 bit capacitive to digital converter ic...Can you suggest me any cheaper IC that can be used for the same purpose...Please reply! 😯

  • How to Make a Siren Using Arduino about 3 years ago

    Transition from 1st Siren to another one can be controlled by the push-button but it should be pressed at an appropriate moment(when tone is low). The reset button after the 7th Siren(last one) is compulsory. You can't go to any of the tones after the last siren starts sounding although by changing the code. The issue is solved only by using the Interrupts.

  • How to Make a Siren Using Arduino about 3 years ago

    Bro...I am facing the same problem in my project too...I have figured it out that, By pressing the button at a specific moment will changes the tone/transition.(Your button will work if you press the button at the time when the tone is low.) To alleviate from this problem... you can check for the state changing from low to high rather than simply checking for the pin(button pin) is high on an interval. That means we have to use the "INTERRUPTS" so that it may react to the button events instantaneously regardless of what is happening inside your void loop().
    I haven't applied it yet but I will notify you when upload the new code! You might understand Interrupts from following link:

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