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  • Coin Op Personal Vending Machine 4 months ago

    Depends on the coin detector but in most cases, it is about how much each pulse is worth. In my case, each pule is worth .5 of a credit as seen at the bottom of the code. If the coin acceptor needs to be worth .05, .1, or .25 per pule you can control that so whatever type of currency it will equal out to 1 credit. Most coin acceptors are learning so you can teach it each type of coin being inserted so the number of pules matches its worth. Hope that helps

  • Coin Op Personal Vending Machine 4 months ago

    The buttonholes are 3/4" and the glass is 8" x 12". the coin acceptor would be custom cut to the unit you are using so the bolt holes lineup with enough material to make it secure.

  • Coin Op Personal Vending Machine 5 months ago

    Sorry for the delayed response. This would be due to the number of pulses you are receiving from the coinop matched with the value of each pulse. These two variables would account for the total. Share your code with me and I can assist.

    Based on some possibilities it appears that each pulse is worth:

    5 pules = .72 per pulse
    6 pules = .60 per pulse
    10 pules = .36 per pulse

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