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IR Remote Control Car - Updated

Project tutorial by comptek4

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Coin Op Personal Vending Machine

Project tutorial by comptek4

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  • Coin Op Personal Vending Machine 29 days ago

    Coin Op complete. Works perfectly without a problem. System counts to $1 US before adding credit to stop the loop. Once a button is pushed the LEDs light in the color of the button and the item is dispensed. System clears credit and sets up for next count. Hope I have provided you with a quality project

  • Coin Op Personal Vending Machine about 1 month ago

    New coin mech was added. Still working out controls but should have updated this week.

  • Coin Op Personal Vending Machine about 1 month ago

    Can not wait to see what you build. Make sure the DC motors you are using are not just direction detection but position detection also. The coil will need to start and finish in the same exact spot each time to ensure that it does not over or under rotate. Good luck

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