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Bee Mindful - Remote Hive Monitoring

By Ishotjr starman Ish Ot Jr.

Colony collapse disorder, pesticides, temperature change - the number of things beekeepers have to worry about is ever-increasing, while the number of failed hives continues to skyrocket each year.  Using the Arduino MKR FOX 1200's global LPWA network, Bee Mindful provides remote monitoring of hive conditions and health, preventing the need for invasive inspections, and permitting continual monitoring of even the most remote hives.  I'm looking forward to combining the low-power WAN capabilities of this board with environmental sensors (and maybe even weight if feasible) to enable beekeepers and researchers to remotely analyze the health of bee hives regardless of their location!

Thanks for another unique, exciting contest!! :)

Submitted on Sep 16, 2017 at 4:13 AM.
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Automation and monitoring of a water treatment plant in laboratory scale, aiming at the implantation in diffuse communities.

By 2017 07 26 14 17 49 aqfgqeifyq Tellys Lins Almeida Barbosa

Water is an indispensable element for the survival of all living organisms, and it is extremely important for the maintenance of the Earth's climate. Water may exhibit varying qualities, depending on the location and conditions of its origin. The provision of good quality fresh water is essential for the quality of life of the population. This project aims to establish access to good quality water for human consumption, promoting and disciplining the implantation of small water treatment plants as membranes that is an environmentally and socially sustainable technology to serve, as a priority, the low income populations in communities diffuse. Based on this project, the proposal is to control and monitor a laboratory scale plant via the MKRFOX 1200 platform, in conjunction with other products of the Arduino family (boards and shields). Control variables: Flow, pressure, temperature, electrical conductivity, water, pH, etc. Actuators: Valves, servomotors, ect.

Submitted on Sep 16, 2017 at 2:26 AM.
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Carfox: a device to find them all

By Dsc 0623 zfxkqts8so Luis Roda Sánchez

Carfox: A device to find them all

This is a proposal thought to help in vehicle accidents. When an accident occurs acceleration and pressure sensors thanks to MKR FOX 1200 could detect this fact and send a signal via Sigfox with the vehicle location. This achieves several crucial aims:

  • Total coverage
  • Fast assistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved vehicles

Besides, if a vehicle is stolen the owner could send a request to obtain the actual location of the vehicle.

Submitted on Sep 16, 2017 at 12:01 AM.
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MYS - Make Yourself Safe

By Default Espartex200

This project comes from the combination of two principal ideas. Both are related to security, but in diferent ways. The first one has its origin on my family. I live with two brothers and one sister, and they always try to take my things. Because of this I thought on making a safe to protect them. The next idea comes from the internet. One day I saw a video talking about the security of passwords, and I saw that mine where pretty easy to hack. The most secure way of making one that I found was made of 11-12 aleatory characters. After that I thought about making a device to manage different randomly generated passwords, so you won't have to worry about hackers almost anymore. Those simple ideas made my amazing project.

MYS (Make Yourself Secure) is made of two main parts. The first one is the SE, Security Everywhere. It'll be made to fit in your pocket and its function is to stock personal data. It will have a fingerprint reader to unlock it, and after that I could access my passwords and other personal data: DNI (very important where I live), bank accounts... The SE will connect to any device via Bluetooth and if it's unlocked it will let me access that data by using, for example, my phone. By this way I can have passwords with any length and with completely random characters. With Sigfox connectivity I'll be able to not have to store the data in the SE, so if it gets stolen I'll have another level of security because I can deactivate it.

The second part of the Make Yourself Secure project is the IS (Intelligent Safe). It's a safe, but not a normal one. The SE can be put on a special zone of the safe and they will connect . The safe will only be able to open if the SE is placed in the specific zone and unlocked (with the fingerprint reader). If there is a problem and you can't use the portable device, there will be some secret buttons to unlock the safe (with special combinations). Under the SE there are planned to be three little metallic parts. Those will touch another three metallic parts on the IS. This creates a way of communication between the SE and the IS. I thought that another condition to unlock the safe, it is that the SE sends to the IS electricity through the metallic parts in an specific order (for example first pin, then the third and then the second) as a little password to avoid hacking.


Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 10:35 PM.
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Bike Monitor: know your bicycle condition better

By Default Diego Hortelano

Bike monitor is a project based on Arduino which allows users to know the real condition of their bicycles. For that purpose, temperature and pressure sensors are placed on the bicycle wheels. Periodically, the collected data is sent to a mobile application, where the information is shown to the users. This information is also sent on-demand, when users want to update their data. Moreover, users can request the location of their bikes, using the same application, by means of the Sigfox Geolocation service, which can be very useful in case of theft.

This system can be use by bike rental companies. For this use case, this system is able to know the station where the bike is parked, and, even, the identifier of the user who has rent the bike. Furthermore, the system for companies has the same benefits that the previous system, giving the users the opportunity to know the condition of a particular bike.

The use of Sigfox as communication protocol allows the system to communicate from anywhere in numerous countries to any device through the Internet. In addition, the power consumption is minimum, which allows the system be powered by a solar panel, forming a self-sustaining and sustainable system.

Finally, this project achieves two main goals: on one hand, to provide security to bicycle users. On the other hand, to encourage this type of vehicle in a sustainable way to achieve a cleaner and healthier environment.

Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 10:07 PM.
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Head-on collision prevention system (Hcps)

By Dafdsg 6nn9k5utny Anith Patel

In developing countries of South Asia, maximum accidents occur due to vehicles driving on the wrong side. In order to overcome this issue, I came across idea using IoT which can solve this real-world problem. 
Using Arduino MKR and sigfox technologies we can connect the cars with each other and using GPS we can notify the car that a vehicle is coming from opposite direction and thus one take care, getting a prior notice. Hence accidents can be avoided and lives of many can be saved. 

Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 9:58 PM.
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By Default DAMAD

  • Don't you want stand up to turn off the light?
  • Don't you hate to return because your tv is on?
  • Do you want all control of your house in your hand?


Is the moment for know the BothouseR that is a device that can control all your house in a little box.

Your can control the intensity light and how many lights are  on in the house, and open or close the curtains or control your tv in same device and measure and temperature regulation,  


For this we will use Arduino MKR FOX 1200 in this go to work like a house’s  brain,   simple and intuitive way.

This desing is simple because you can add a different module designed with Arduino MKR FOX 1200, how you can see in the figure , this modules are conecting between each other through a gateway doing with a raspberry PI, through of bluethoot.



Video Demostration





Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM.
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Fox Advisor: a rating a day keeps the failure away

By Sin titulo222 4vgjw9wz9u Celia Garrido Hidalgo

Fox Advisor is a Sigfox-based project to be used in restaurants and franchises. It is a SmartBox (governed by Arduino MKR FOX 1200) installed in the centre of the table which improves the customer satisfaction by enabling direct feedback from clients to restaurant managers and other possible clients on the Internet. Fox Advisor uses the global Sigfox Network to send customers’ ratings and takes advantage of the Sigfox Geolocation system to identify the restaurant location and, thus, generate statistics.

Principal components:

  • Core: Arduino MKR FOX 1200, located under the SmartBox, in the centre of the table.
  • LCD and keypad: 3D-printed structure attached to the SmartBox to allow clients to interact with the table and rate the restaurant.
  • LED strip: to enable user-adjustable luminosity for each table.
  • Notification LED: to request assistance from personnel.
  • Allergy RGB LED: to indicate a special allergy or food intolerance.


  • 140 packets per table is more than sufficient to send the variety of customer feedback generated along a whole day. Sigfox can increase the added value of the restaurant thanks to its low power consumption.
  • Sigfox provides global coverage for entire countries, which allows restaurants located in both urban and rural areas to use the Fox Advisor rating platform with no wireless constraints.
  • A straightforward interface allows customers to cooperate with the Smart Table, being able to control specific parameters of the table such as luminosity.
  • This project encourages socially-sustainable businesses thanks to the allergy indication RGB LED, among others. It maintains the personnel informed about customers’ special requirements with no need to make them feel uncomfortable talking about food intolerances.
  • Clients can press a simple button to activate the notification LED and receive assistance from the personnel, ask for the check, etc.
Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 4:44 PM.
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Power out light up box

By Jellyfish camjeedsil Alex Merchen

I would like to create a box that plugs into a standard outlet and then when you lose power (or it is unplugged), it lights up and sends a message over bluetooth to the user that you have lost power. It would have USB ports inside and will have LED strips around the bottom of the case that would light up so that it could be easily found. The LEDs will change from white to red to indicate how much charge the battery has left.

Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 1:39 PM.
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ActivityMessenger / WeCare

By Default user273261

My mom is 92 and in a senior living home. She has always been pretty tough and witty but lately she is showing first signs of dementia (and just old age). Even though there is technology able to track her every movement I still want to give her some dignity and privacy, but still being able to have some idea where she is when not in her appartment.

So I came up with a simple to use physical smart messageboard. On it there are 8 pictograms of activities she often does. So before leaving her room she just presses the pictogram of the activity she is going to do. The arduino then sends a short message to Sigfox that then keeps track in an APP/webpage/twitter. It creates a logbook of what she has been up to. It gives us the basic information we need (is she leaving her room, being active enough, where is she,..) and leaves her the dignity and some freedom without the feeling we are tracking her every movement.

On the messageboard she will also see the day of the week and a basic interpretation of the weather forecast (sun, rain, ..). If this works I'd like to get more of them built - using the Sigfox network. Other extensions are possible to measure temperature, light or sound sensor etc ...

Why Sigfox? My idea is to keep the experience as frictionless as possible. That people have a very simple setup experience (out of box + plugin) and there won't always be another kind of connectivity easily avaiable. The Sigfox and Arduino setup would be perfect for this. 

Why not other wearables or smartphone? At that age it needs to be very simple and intuitif. Portable devices require charging, training, more expensive, ... It needs to be just as usable for a 3 year old or a 90 year old person. 

The goal is to encourage independance and feel more secure, but with respect for the person using it.

Once the prototype is done it will be in open source so we can empower other makers to help people in the same situation. As the pictograms can be changed easily you can alo use this for other situations needing a soft approach to tracking activities.

Submitted on Sep 15, 2017 at 6:43 AM.
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iCare device for senior citizens and people in need

By Default user2476761254

Just read the news few days ago Sigfox's IoT network goes live at Hong Kong Science Park and the company plans to deploy a city-wide Sigfox network here by end of this year.
So I am interested to explore and build my first project based on Sigfox network and MKR FOX 1200 to solve and enhance the eldery care problem, including
- body care and measurement including temperature, heart rate monitoring
- fall detection
- emergency call or assistant call
- locate user (for people or elderly with dementia)
- reminder service, i.e. medicine appointment, taking pill

Looking for the MKR FOX 1200 spec it is kind of good fit to solve and build this project because it supports
- city-wide and multiple country Sigfox coverage
- 140 messages per day to transmit the measurement and interact with users
- geo-location support
- low power
- tiny and easy to care/wear
- various interface for different sensors

Thanks for reading.

Submitted on Sep 14, 2017 at 11:09 PM.
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Wanna Smart Life!! Enjoy With "MoodGen"

By Default Akshay6766

I Know you are tired of Home Automation Projects but this comes with cool Features Like

  • Human Detection
  • Human Mood Changer
  • Auto Light Adjustment For Enhancing Persons Mood 
  • Conserve Energy By Automating The Room Devices
  • Enhanced Care
  • Low Powered With Aurdino Makerfox1200
  • provided live Home surveillance 

                             "Your Home At Your Office"

And With Basic Functionalities Like

  • GSM Sim Control
  • Wireless Control
  • Remote Control
  • Manual Override, Etc

All These Enclosed In Beautiful 3D Printed Case With System Status Runnig Light And System Automatic Error Monitor

Submitted on Sep 14, 2017 at 7:37 PM.
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