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Home alarm system with Sigfox activity log

By 1396800 4891509185049 1798007733 o dspj8e0wgf Clovis Fritzen

I am proposing a home alarm system with Sigfox activity log.

The idea is to enhance the usability and usefullness of a password-based burglar alarm system, so that every activity (log-in's, leaving the house, house being broken into, sensor with low batteries, etc) is sensed, processed and sent to SigFox network. 

That kind of log would be useful in a shared home or office, where everyone has his/her own password and different in-out schedules, so that in any suspect activity there is a log available to be checked at. 


Such system could probably run on power outlet or even batteries. It could be always listening and eventually (140x a day) sending info back to the SigFox network.


The usage of such a low-power wireless network would allow to eliminate the usage of comunication cables and also the design of more energy-efficient electronic alarm systems. 

Submitted on Aug 8, 2017 at 7:10 PM.
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