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Homotica - a simple, cost-effective home control system

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Measure and Analyze Tide Levels with ThingSpeak and MATLAB

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Remote and Voice Controlled Smart Fan

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  • Homotica - a simple, cost-effective home control system 10 months ago

    To retrieve data from an Arduino over the net i think the easiest solution is to have it publish an HTML page (here: and read it either from a browser or parse it on your android application using jsoup (here: and then process the data/do whatever you need. If you only need a particular string/number/boolean from the Arduino you can request and send it via udp. To send instructions I'd go, again, with UDP or with html UI and buttons/link in the web page (more complex, I think).
    As far as the hardware is concerned... I don't know, it depends on your setup.
    Hope this answers!

  • Homotica - a simple, cost-effective home control system 10 months ago

    You're right Yamas, let's see if I can make it a bit clearer: when android apps need to manage locally-stored file, such their database backup, they have to request WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission; this means that, once the user has granted permission, they could do whatever they wish with the files stored on your phone. This is why android tells you that the app want to access "photos and files", and not "save its database" instead. It's a generic sentence, it doesn't means the app will look for your photos! A galley app will, others won't.
    So... without those permission, the app will work normally, but it won't be able to access the storage, and therefore to backup/restore the database.
    That's all. Have a good day ;)

  • Homotica - a simple, cost-effective home control system 10 months ago

    Hi Yamas, as you can read in the privacy disclaimer (which every developer has to publish), Homotica needs storage permission in order to manage it's backup. If you don't want to grant such permission, and do not need backup/restore, simply don't grant them (if you are on android 6+), or, if you don't trust me/the app, simply do not install it!
    In case you're on android 6+: go to settings-apps-Homotica-permissions and remove the storage read/write permission.
    Hope it helps

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