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  • KTAudio VU Meter about 2 months ago

    I am making a special indicator for a lathe threading application. I like the LCD "graphics" display you created so much that I am stealing the design. I will put an attribution in the code of course.

  • Boeing Automated Honeycomb Repair System 3 months ago

    It seems that some Boeing projects are a success after all! This is a superb idea; well done to the team.

  • DIY Benchtop pH Meter 3 months ago

    A useful tip: When making holes in plastic boxes cover the side of the enclosure with a super-sticky post-it note first. Draw the outline onto the note. Then drill small (3mm) holes in the corners of rectangular cut-outs. On long cuts make some drill some more holes along the line on the area to be removed. This makes for cleaner corners and is also a visual guide when cutting and finish filing. The post-it also stops the enclosure from getting too scratched. A useful tool for making the cuts is a vibrating blade cutting saw. Mine is cordless from Aldi (UK)and was not expensive.

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