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  • Flip about 5 years ago

    I think that this device is absolutely wonderful, and really love the focus of teaching children about sea animals. You mentioned that one of your goals with this device was instilling in children a sense of importance in preserving sea life. Outside of the feeling of wonderment you are giving children with Flip, you are also creating an intimate relationship between the child and various see animals by allowing that child to believe they are actually that animal. The connection that they form with sea life thought this experience of actually being an animal can be something that makes them very empathetic and caring towards sea life as a child- which often carries over to adulthood. In this way I think Flip is an incredibly powerful mechanism in not just teaching and raising awareness, but in also creating a sort of cultural shift towards caring about sea life and wanting to actively protect/preserve it.

    On a separate note though, my feeling is that most children aged 4-9 actually have relatively limited knowledge of all the sea life out there: shark, dolphin, wale, jellyfish, and "fish" could probably sum up most of what they know. Because of this I think it would awesome if you guys had a very wide range of different sea animals’ children could be (and maybe even different types of that animal); but instead of just showing them a picture of what they are while in the water, give them a little blurb of information about that animal too. In this way the child gets to learn about the animal while still being that animal (when this "connection" is at its strongest"). By peaking the child’s interest like this I think they would be more likely to read/learn more about the animal later on- whether through an app you provide or through research of their own.

    Awesome device and great job!

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