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  • USB MIDI Adapter 6 months ago

    You're right, I checked the circuit board that I soldered and it was wired to GND instead of VCC. I adjusted the schematic. Adjusting the source code to pull pin 10 to LOW also works of course.

  • USB MIDI Adapter over 1 year ago

    Check the 'Source code for MIDI to USB adapter with "all notes off" filter', it implements a callback for channel messages:

    note on:
    cm.header == 0x90

    note off
    cm.header == 0x80
    cm.header == 0x90 && cm.data2 == 0x00

    cm.data2 is the velocity, 0 equals to off

  • USB MIDI Adapter over 1 year ago

    ATmega32u4 based boards are able to present itself as different types of USB devices, such as a USB MIDI device. The UNO does not have this ability, unless you change the firmware of the USB controller or use sth like Hairless Midi. It should be possible I guess, but to my idea not worth the effort because you can pick up an ATmega32u4 based Leonardo or Micro from ebay for just a few US$.

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