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  • Mystick over 5 years ago

    I really love this idea. I was in Yosemite this past break and I can imagine hundreds of these at the beginnings of the trails already. What is really interesting to me if the concept of sharing an "experience". The recording itself brings out a lot of that but what if there was more? It would be really interesting if the stick itself, without using GPS, could accurately detect the distance traveled. Then Mystick could track pause points (say, to view a waterfall or to eat a snack in a scenic location) or maybe with some bluetooth interaction track other sticks!

  • SketchBoard over 5 years ago

    This was an amazing feat of engineering. I saw a few of the prototypes and the difficulties you guys ran into getting the pen to smoothly slide up and down the board. Really glad that everything worked out

    I agree with Kelsey about moving the art to a different object entirely. I think that the SketchBoard could make some quite amazing art if instead of the drawing tool there were instead sensors that detected weight, velocity, turns, etc. and used some function to draw these different features. Perhaps a graph with each of them overlaid? Or a 3-D model with each feature pulling the drawing in a different dimension of the space? This could then be extended to what "drawing" constitutes the best "ride experience". Switching out gears/bearings/wheels or using a different type of board (bamboo) would give significantly different results!

  • Sole Searching over 5 years ago

    Really awesome project idea. I like how it surfaces content that we subconsciously know is taking place all around us, yet choose to ignore. What is really interesting to me is the amount of "social engineering" that could take place if an individual had this shoe. You could use the information you get about a person from a glance - musical preference, name, etc. - to convince them of some way. Example: Senate elections.

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