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HVAC Controller Retrofit

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  • HVAC Controller Retrofit 4 days ago

    Hi, I would sell a bare PCB (with a detailed BOM so you can buy the components and do the assembly) for 30$US, shipped.

  • HVAC Controller Retrofit 6 days ago

    Hi, I used Fritzing. I'll eventually post more details (code, wiring diagram, a cleaned up schematic), but not the PCB routing.

    You can contact me if you want a plain PCB, I'll sell you one, provide you with the BOM, you buy the components and assemble it yourself.

  • HVAC Controller Retrofit 2 months ago


    I wasn't planning on going commercial with this, but sure I could sell you a bare PCB with a BOM and possibly put the code public on this page after I clean it up a bit.

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