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DAWA - Data Acquisition With Arduino

DAWA - Data Acquisition With Arduino

A motorcycle data acquisition and laptimer based on an Arduino M0.

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DAWA - Data Acquisition With Arduino

DAWA is an Arduino datalogger (and lap timer) shield for your motorbike. It records 10 times per seconds in a CSV file lots of information.

What information is logged?

  • Raw data acquisition: On Triumph bikes and many others, ECU values can be directly read (I personnaly use : RPM, SPEED, GEAR POSITION, THROTTLE and BRAKE state).
  • Environment values: A 9-axis sensor (BNO055) is used to store G-forces and I hope soon, roll and pitch.
  • Position values: A UBLOX 10Hz GPS chip gets realtime coordinates
  • Infrared temperatures: You can plug up to 4 infrared temperature sensors (tyres or ground t°, for example).
  • Analog inputs: You can measure up to 6 analog inputs (e.g. suspension sensors).

Where is it logged?

Everything is stored on a microSD card. 10 times per seconds, a new line is created in a CSV file. This line contains every data values separated by a semicolon. Current values are displayed in realtime on the OLED screen attached.

Could it be used as a lap timer?

YES ! Since v4 and the integration of a 10Hz GPS chip, laptimer functions are available.

How does it work ?

I couldn't make it easier ! Press the button start recording, press again stop recording. :-) One CSV file is created on each new record.

What about lap timer functions

A little bit more difficult, you have to put a file named "TRACKS.CSV" on the sdcard. This file will contain track name and finishline coordinates, one line per track: <trackname>;<finishline lat. A>;<finishline lon. A>;<finishline lat. B>;<finishline lon. B> CAROLE;489799930;25224350;489800230;25226330 To keep precision, latitude and longitude should be converted to integers (multiply by 10 000 000). When start recording the closer track is automatically chosen.

You said Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connection is useful in these two cases:

  • You just finish your track session and want to know lap times / best lap.
  • Before using DAWA, some parameters could be adjusted, use the Bluetooth console to set them up!

I'm using "Serial Bluetooth Terminal" on Androïd. Connect and type "help" to view all available commands.

What's next

  • Laptimer split time: Add split time management.

Known bugs

  • Lean angle: Seems easy, but in fact, very complicated to obtain good values without drift.


Github Repository


Schematics and PCB
Eagles schematics. There are GERBER files on the Github repository.


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