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  • SNA jr. about 5 years ago

    This started off as a version of the K6BEZ antenna analyzer, and a need to check some filters for another project. As it is ,t is more than adequate for the jobs I have used it for. With the simple diode detectors I get about a 50 dB range. There is more information on some of the uses on my blog I agree with you on the AD8307, I recently obtained several of them and tried in a stand alone power meter, also on my blog. Because of the performance of this meter I am in the process of building a version of the SNA that uses an AD8307. I used the si5351 in an early version of the antenna analyzer, and found problems because of the harmonic content of the square waves generated by the si5351 as compared to the sine wave output of the AD9850. I am looking at a mixing method using two of the clock outputs to get around the harmonic problem. Will probably build something using that after I finish a couple other projects

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