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DIY Grow LED Light | Designing a Better Sun

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  • DIY Grow LED Light | Designing a Better Sun about 2 years ago


    I would encourage you to have a look at this book 'Plant Factory Using Artificial Light', - (

    You will find there answers to many of your questions regarding lighting, as well as other environmental parameters necessary for growing healthy crops

  • DIY Grow LED Light | Designing a Better Sun about 2 years ago


    cannot immediately come up with a good article, but have a look at the recent scientific publications on Google Scholar or ScienceDirect. You will be impressed!

    A good reference would be GreenTech conference in Netherlands ( Highly recommend you to attend it. In case you cannot, have a look on the website about the companies that will take part of the event, and try to reach out to them. Very useful knowledge, condensed & nicely packaged, almost always available

  • DIY Grow LED Light | Designing a Better Sun over 2 years ago

    Thank you for this constructive feedback!

    You're absolutely right about the control part, and I agree that my approach is not the best one, and you explained why.

    The main point was to show the available solutions to have a broad image about alternatives, so the reader can chose whats best for his/her particular project or need, and why one option works better than other. In my case, I just made sense of whatever was available in my garage, with the goal to bring the price down and make this affordable (a Meanwell LED driver ranges from 50$ to 150$)

    There is still room for improvement to achieve a high quality final product, but thats what I am working on, so keep updated!)

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