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  • Grow It Yourself | GIY 6 months ago

    you need to format the logo before inserting it into your arduino code
    Try to use the same software that I used (links available) and follow carefully the steps described in the documentation
    If you have a specific (more concrete) question or issue, let me know & we try to solve it together)))

  • Grow It Yourself | GIY 6 months ago

    most probably the issue is with the library itself. Try importing another DHT library from another source, or visit the forum:

  • Grow It Yourself | GIY 9 months ago

    Dear DIY GURUs,

    Few weeks ago I launched the crowdfunding campaign #FromMakerToEntrepreneur which is targeting to raise funds for EDUCATION @MIT

    The main driving force which motivates me to take this MIT course is to gain the knowledge necessary to push SOCIAL INNOVATION, support the OPEN SOURCE movement, and build a STRONG COMMUNITY of people who dream big and are ready to challenge themselves to CHANGE THE WORLD. I hope that the Grow It Yourself system which I built and launched opensource is a good example and proof of my words and motivation

    Because crowdfunding is based mostly on the help of the community, I named the campaign #FromMakerToEntrepreneur in order to target the biggest community that we all take part of, the MAKERS

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions how to bring the campaign to the next level, and any support, if that is possible, with promoting it. If you are not the right one for my issue, please forward my message to the person that could help me find a solution

    Thank you for your time!

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