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Gorgy Meteo Clock © MIT

My 'Gorgy' clock! Enhanced with an IR remote, a TFT display, a barometer, and a humidity and temperature sensor.

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Components and supplies

About this project

Update 2018-01-29:

Planning is to add the schematic in the coming months... Due to health problems, my 'computer time' per day is limited but I will finish it.

Why this clock?

I always wanted to make a so-called 'Gorgy' Clock. You see them often in music or TV studios. Now I could, so I bought a cheap clock at Ikea and ripped out the inside, making room for the electronics and display.

A commercial Gorgy clock and the Ikea clock I bought:

Because it was to be my bedside clock, I thought of adding some extra features such as an IR remote and barometer- humidity and temperature sensor because I love meteorology.

When I'm awake at night, I have something to look at: temperature (min/max), barometer trend of the last 24 hours and the air pressure change rate, which is a very good indication of pending bad weather.


Alarm clock function

I also would like to use the clock as an alarm clock with a blackbird sound to wake me up using an Adafruit sound card. But my lack of programming skills concerning the necessary menu structure was a stumbling block (so far).

Adjusting the time

Adjusting the time is sort of possible via the menu:

It is poorly implemented (for now), so what I did is assigned a button on the IR remote to set the seconds to zero when I press that button. If the seconds on the clock are <30, the minute stays the same and the seconds are reset to 0. When the seconds on the clock are >30, one minute is added and the seconds are reset to zero.

So with a accurate clock (on my phone), just before the '0' mark I press the button and the clock is synced. Then I'm good for a whole year because the temp compensated RTC is extremely accurate.


On the left the IR remote I use to set the clock, change TFT screens, change LED ring mode, set the seconds to zero and save or load the 24H barometric pressure data to a RAM chip.

Building the clock

I just discovered the possibility to use a laser cutter at a local makerspace location: GREAT! So this way I could make the black acrylic mounting frame for the LED's and TFT display:

On top of that I also cut a piece of heavy weight black paper to cover the gaps around the TFT display. Then I cut a brown acrylic display to enhance the contrast of the LED's and make the gray 7 segment displays less noticeable.

The TFT display

On the small 1.8" TFT display, I now have 5 display options:

As a gimmick, I included a 'thermal comfort indicator' in the form of a traffic light.

The Meteo sensors

When I'm awake at night and a storm is passing I can see the barometric pressure plunging and rising after the storm has passed. Better than looking at the ceiling.

Inside the clock


OOPS! This code is not compiling with the current IDE. I'm busy fixing the code...


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